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Sekushii no po-su

sekushii no po-su XD go madarameee!!!


Can´t sleep...

little fanart...Ichigo x Renji

Requiem Inori

I finally finished watching Trinity Blood. Because of school I don´t have time for anything really. Anyway, I had to change my list of the saddest songs. Requiem Inori (Lisa Komine) made me cry, even more the fact that Abel died. After hearing that song in anime I finally realized that he was dead. (later he was alive again of course..hmm..can i use the word alive? O.o)
Nevermind, here are lyrics:

Midareyuku subete no mono
Owari wa kono yoni wa nai
Nemuritamae itoshii hito
Sono inochi tsuzuite iku
Anata wa umare soshite ikita
Kibou no uta tsutaeru tame
Towa ni...
Sasage tamae kono namida wa
Arata naru ai no kotoba
Arigatou yume wo shifuku no hibi
Kono basho de deaeta koto
Towa ni...

Everything is becoming chaotic
There is no end to this world
Sleep, my beloved
That life will go on
You were born and you lived your life
Pass on the song of hope
Offer up these tears
The words of a new love
Thank you, days of bliss within my dreams
The chance to meet you here

My master...

My little, totally amateur and horrible, fanart..



- Cheryyyy! ;*
- Charley desu!

My obsession number 1 - Vassalord.
I found this incredible manga last Christmas when i was searching for a book The Vampire Armand (Anna Rice - Vampire Chronicles).
I like vampires and werewolves and etc...(except of Twillight - I haven´t read a single book of this series- story about a love between a vampire - Edward (whom personality changes in every book- just heard that) and a human - Bella. I read a little from the last book and was completely disgusted - "Oh, Edward!I´m so confused!" "Oh, Edward!It´s all my fault!" "oh, oh, Edward!..." If I were Edward, I´d kill her and spend the rest of life fucking with Jacob...)
To Vassalord - when i started to read it I thought it´s only a sadistic and masochistic manga, but after reading the first volume it became my favorite manga. In every review you can find: "technically not yaoi but almost." I agree. It´s one and only manga in which absolutely doesn´t bother me the fact that they haven´t even kissed (hope they will), because the tension and pure love between two main characters is simple unique and the most beautiful in its most painful way.
Don´t get the wrong conclusions, it´s not a classic tragedy, it´s a comedy, too, having everything what should good manga have - good plot, characters with great, so different personalities and interesting amazing art. The author is Nanae Chrono (Kurono) She is famous mainly for Peace Maker Kurogane, which was made into anime (I´m watching it right now) I wish I could draw like her.
At the beggining, I liked only Johnny, with his provocative playboy look, his unbuttoned shirt and his cute and devilish expressions and seductive head bowing when Cherry feast on him (I really don´t understand Charley, If I were him I´d rape him for sure) I started to like Charley a bit later. Before t was just seme with that bowl-cut hairstyle. Now, I love them both with the same intensity. ^ ^
I really want to recommend this manga to everyone. It made me laugh, it made me cry like a baby and it´s still ongoing so I´m really looking forward to next chapters.I wanna thank to all people who is anticipating on translating, editing, scanning, etc...
Arigato Gozaimasu!

Some links: (still working on it) - Not my scan, not my translation, just posting it here...I don´t own it either..unfortunately
Volume 1:  http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ddnmynjizig
Volume 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ztzokznamm2
Volume 3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nygwiyaznzd
chapter 10: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l3ythjyndwo
chapter 12 (11-not existing, or so the others say): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tyzzmymij2x
chapter 13:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qhqfonwyzkk
chapter 14 (RAW): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?fg5dh15jtxu


About me

Hi! I´m Hitori and I live in a small country in Europe - Slovakia. So my english is not good. Anyway, i will try my best to post here some really (at least in my opinion)interesting things.  I must warn you, I´m an otaku-more specific-fujoshi (or yaoifangirl if you don´t know whats the meaning of fujoshi...).
 So I´m interested (most) in yaoi anime and slashable stuff. I´m also very glad about increasing yaoifangirls (and fanboys) in our country and on the whole world too, but it can really be so annoying when some of these fans are so cocky and full of themselfs you know what i mean... just because they are kind of different, oh so what?! I also hate when someone who only watchs naruto or some anime which even my grandma knows and calls himself an otaku! (and when he/she says that anime and manga are new style of doing movies which are difficult to make, at that moment I´m capable of masskilling). I started to watch and read it less than two years ago, but i´ve never said something that stupid! *proud of herself now*
Ah yes..back to myself. I´m sorry but I am really lazy...so my next post will be...i hope this year... I don´t really know why had i created this but i can´t stop myself from giving my current obsessions somewhere... So..you will be able to find there my favorite manga and anime, maybe just my squealing about it or a something useful like downloading links. ^ ^

I forgot to mention, I like drawing but I can´t draw very well, even if my friends and other people tell me that it´s beautiful or really good. I´m just never satisfied with it. I think I lack thing like "natural talent" even thought i draw since my two years. It´s just one of few things that make me happy.



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